A selection of feedback

James Anderson Marrs, Machine Gun Corps, researched for Stella and Billy Marrs:

Well Stuart, what can I say, absolutely amazing. Never in our wildest dreams did we think we would be able to locate the exact place where Grandpa was injured and here you have given us these maps and all the data to go with it finally creating a wonderful picture which is very real…. thank goodness for you all, you are preserving all this history and passing it on to people who would not be able to find it on their own.

I am attaching a photo of Billy and his uncle taken on 6th April 1998 taken outside Monchy-le-Preux. When locating the exact place on Google Satellite (shed with red roof with two white strips) I got goose pimples, plotting the red square (on Linesman’s map modern 2500) below Rue Sous le Chateau, we were so near and didn’t know it, if I have interpreted it right ground still looks trench-like and would be very easy for us to locate. I must try and talk Billy in to going back.

Robert Casey, King’s Own Scottish Borderers, researched for his grandson Derek Casey:

Sometimes thank you isn’t a big enough word but thank you all the same. I will take my time and try to understand grandad’s record, if I have any problems understanding I hope you wont mind me asking a question or two. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Stuart, now no loose ends with grandad. All the very best.

Oliver and Samuel Ryalls, Notts & Derby Regiment, for their great-niece Nicole Parry:

Many thanks for all the information you were able to find on both Oliver and Samuel. My son’s school is shortly going to the army hospital museum at Dunham Massey, so Oliver’s story will fit closely with what they learn there.

Thank you also for the detail about who was lost in action on the day. The family had assumed he’d got to a field hospital, as they received 2 telegrams…the first saying he was wounded, and the second saying he had been killed. From the extra details you gave me I suspect it was more likely that he was too injured to fall back and was lost in all the confusion.

Thanks again for all the information, it has answered a lot of the questions my mother had and has made Samuel more real to the family, as my grandma must have only been about 8 when he died.