The Discovery team

The business is a partnership between Gary Wood and Stuart Wilson, both Nottingham based.

Gary has an engineering, management and local government background with qualifications in Law and Civil Engineering. He has been researching his great-grandfather’s service in the First World War for over ten years and has supported the Notts and Derbys Regimental Archive by providing it with updates for their records on officer service and absent voters’ lists. He is currently researching and updating the history of the 7th Battalion Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment in the First World War (The Robin Hoods). He is a member of both the Western Front Association and the Orders and Medals Research Society.

Stuart has a science background (PhD in Biochemistry) and for many years worked within academia on biochemical and genetical research projects. His interest developed through researching his grandfather’s and great uncles’ First World War service. He has written a book on the men and women from his home village who served during 1914-1918 and currently, time permitting, is running two large-scale projects (Sons of Galloway) local to south-west Scotland where he was born and raised. Since 2009 his research background has been put to good use in his work as a full time, self-employed WW1 researcher. He is a member of the Western Front Association, the Gallipoli Association and the Scottish Military Research Group.

Both Gary and Stuart are pleased to have been able to help the In From The Cold Project. Through the course of their research, a number of men have been identified as ‘non-comms’ – not recognised on the official Commonwealth War Graves Commission list of casualties from the First World War.

We look forward to being to help with your research projects. Please feel free to contact us with any First World War query that you consider would benefit from professional help.


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